Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tooth Fairy

There is daily talk about the tooth fairy around here.  Keriana has lost both front teeth, Payton is dying to lose any teeth and Reagan says she's going to lose her teeth before Payton.  Reagan and I had an indepth conversation this morning about the tooth fairy and how she operates.
First, the tooth fairy is going to come in while she is sleeping, her tooth will be in a pillow, but not under her pillow so she can make sure to find it.  She will take the tooth out and put it in a jar, then she will leave a lollipop.  She'll leave the jar on her dresser so she can collect her teeth.  I told her I thought the tooth fairy took the teeth but she said that she left them behind because she was too small, and she knew that Reagan wanted to keep her teeth.  She said the shark on tv kept his teeth and she is too.
So I guess I need to remember this to make sure the tooth fairy does the right thing when the time comes!

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