Monday, February 21, 2011

Daddy loves Obama

Today at school Payton talked about Presidents' Day and did a worksheet that had George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama on it.  Payton told her teacher Ms. Anne that her Daddy loved Obama.  When Tung asked her why she told Ms. Anne that she said because he's always watching shows on TV with Obama on them. She's so observant and I know she's seen him on the news, finance shows and she even noticed I was watching him a few weeks ago during the Super Bowl when they interviewed him and asked who he thought would win the game.  We asked her if she wanted to be President and she said "no, only boys are presidents" We told her that she probably didn't want to be President anyway, you're supposed to encourage your children to be whatever they want to be, but we just can't lie to her and tell her being President would be a great job!

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