Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reagan's nighttime adventures

Last night of course, Reagan didn’t go to sleep when we put her to bed. She was talking so I figured she was reading books like she normally does. I gave her a little time then go in there to get her to lay down. She has crawled under her bed, gotten out the box where I had some bottles in it and was sitting in front of the wipe box very methodically shoving wipes one at a time down inside the bottles and replacing the lids after she had crammed them full.  She had done 5 bottles like this! They were so tight it looked like they were full of milk. I didn’t have the camera to take a picture of her, but I took a pic of the bottles.  She’s too much! It was funny though, I put her back in her bed and still when we went to sleep at 10:15 she was not out yet because I always turn the lights all off except for night lights when we go to sleep…she yells, Too Dark! So I had to leave the light on last night. Since they’re normally asleep, they don’t care by that time so it cracked us up!

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