Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Weekend

I love this one of Payton all upside down

She is just way too cute.

Um, wow. They look alike!

Maybe one of my favorite pictures ever, she's so cute.

trying to push Mommy on the swing while she drinks some water.

So proud of herself that she can pump her legs and swing high all by herself now.
Payton had a soccer game on Saturday morning and scored her first goal! She was so proud of herself!  Well technically it was her second goal, but it was the first one going in the right direction!  Afterwards we drove to Charlottesville to Carter Mountain Orchard, not so much to get apples but just to be outside and see the view, it's so very pretty up there.  We picked a few apples, and more importantly ate apple cider donuts and caramel apple cookies. We brought home Bodo's bagels too, so good!

Today we went to the park and carved pumpkins, I forgot to take a picture of the pumpkins before it got dark but Payton wanted a mermaid, Payton picked Mickey Mouse for Reagan since she couldn't decide, Tung carved the Buffalo Bill's logo in his and I put music notes in mine.  Both girls actually pulled most of their seeds out.  Then we made homemade Johnny Dee sandwiches just like at Macado's, though not the real thing, they were pretty darn good for homemade!

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