Monday, May 17, 2010

My Birthday weekend

Payton and I with our feet on home plate after running the bases after the game. I love how you can tell she jumped on it.

Silly Daddy and Payton pose

I don't remember what we're laughing at but I love that we're all laughing

Reagan loved the penne ala vodka. Recently she's been starting out eating at the little picnic table. She'll take a few bites, then get up and bring her plate to me, go back and get her cup and want to eat sitting on my lap. I knew she'd be too messy eating this to sit on me, so here she is standing and eating her pasta.

A sleeping Reag around the 7th inning of the game

I had a great birthday weekend. Friday I got packages of birthday presents in the mail and my caramel chocolate apples from work. Saturday morning we went to Satterwhites in Goochland for breakfast. They had the biggest best hunk of scrapple :)

Picked strawberries at Mt. Olympus Berry Farm, my favorite place to go, the fields are clean the berries are always super good and it's a beautiful farm. Bonus is it's only half an hour from our house in Ruther Glen, exit 104 off 95. Made penne ala vodka for dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Yesterday when we woke up Payton says "Mommy is today your birthday?" I said Yes and she goes "Good I like birthdays, Happy Birthday!" Tung made me sausage gravy for breakfast, so good. He and Payton also made me birthday cake. Last year we had birthday cake for breakfast before we left to go to the zoo so she remembers that we eat cake for breakfast on my birthday.
We went to the Flying Squirrels game, the girls got nightlights and coloring pages because it was kids day at the park Radio Disney was there, Reagan fit right in as she was wearing her Minnie Mouse shirt. We missed the best play of the game because Reagan decided to throw her container of pretzels two rows down and we were trying to figure out what happened and how to get it back!

It was such a great weekend!

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